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  • “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” Marianne Williamson

what's coming out of our mouth's next?

  • Gilbert is off to Orlando to work with Universal Studios, Brian is working on marketing, operations, networking event 9/20/08 and rising author Ty Bennett. John Fowler is deep into the program development and networking for our September launch and John Exley just posted his first 'emerging leaders voices' interview today; we will be starting an intern program and are looking for those great players... talk to us.

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Claus D Jensen

That's a cool list!

Added some authors that I wasn't already following!

Claus D Jensen

Gilbert Melott

Great to know Claus - Brad and a little help put together a great list with some great insights. Hope you join the Netvoice247 community on the homepage - lots more to come.


Doug Lance

Woo! I already had a lot of these but a few new additions. I cant believe i didnt have Malcolm Gladwell!


Gilbert Melott

Doug - Get after the Gladwell! We all have personal favorties but have all agreed that the Outliers has something really great insights that are fresh.


Mireya-Expressions Gift Co.


Dick Bendtzen

Great list and a real valuable service. Thanks. Hope to see my own name and book added one of these days.

Dick Bendtzen, author of "Yes You Can Start And Run A Small Business"

ps My vote would go to Tony Robbins

Gilbert Melott

Thanks Dick - we will look for your book soon!!

Gilbert Nextvoice247

Kelly Wissink

Thanks Bradley!

This a great resource.

Bradley Will

Thank you Kelly, Dick, Doug and Claus for the comments. I am glad this could be of value to you. I had a lot of great help (hint hint I think he runs this blog) on putting this together.

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