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  • “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” Marianne Williamson

what's coming out of our mouth's next?

  • Gilbert is off to Orlando to work with Universal Studios, Brian is working on marketing, operations, networking event 9/20/08 and rising author Ty Bennett. John Fowler is deep into the program development and networking for our September launch and John Exley just posted his first 'emerging leaders voices' interview today; we will be starting an intern program and are looking for those great players... talk to us.

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I really must say this is a refresher to the blog world as well as for those who want to network. It's unique to see 101 people say something, give a tip, that they have learned through their experiences and passing it on two others. Great job, John!

Kraig Adams

Wow, this is great John. I've only gotten through to #21 and I've learned a bit about networking. The video about this blog is really cool too. I look forward to seeing where you go with your blogs, tips and networking from here.
Keep it up and remember Bloomfield > Honeoye

John Exley

Kelvin, I'm happy you enjoyed the blog! Many thanks to Gilbert and the Nextvoice247 team and of course, all those who gave tips! I hope to see you in the blogosphere more often, what are you passionate about?

Kraig, just wait until you get to tip #55 big guy. That one promises to have quite an impact on you. We need to chat soon, and of course, shout out to home! While Bloomfield will always be > Honeoye, you know Bristol is on top!


haha nice compiling x. many of them seem to say listen than tell- which is a good tip!

i did learn a few good ones hey like i said every little bit can make a difference. hope everything is good!

Paul Zackey

My man John!

Excellent stuff here. This really is a great guide by some of the best in the business. We are talking about tips from people who are truely passionate about what they do and do it the best. These folks are trying to give insight to help people like you and I to grow as individuals and as professionals leaders. Networking has not only helped me meet new people in the business world but also in the real world.

Anyone looking to launch a successful career should take a look at this and really take what is said here to heart. Even if you are just looking to get back to the basic's with a refresher, these tips are truely enlightening.

As Gilbert said in his video, you are going places in your life. You have the skills to take you where you wish to go and I am glad you are sharing the advice you have taken to heart with the rest of us.

Thanks John and keep more coming.

Gilbert Melott

Kelvin - thanks for the feedback. It is great to see a diverse group of 101 people offer insight so freely. John did great job.


Gilbert Melott

Kraig - John is only beginning and we are glad to have him on the team and what he will do as he moves ahead. His participation is only going to get greater as he expands his ideas. Plus he's a cool dude.


Gilbert Melott

Amitha - John showed the power of networking first hand. He listened 100%. X is a force... great job.


Gilbert Melott

Paul - X did a great job sharing and it only points to his future abilities to lead. Very cool thing to watch. The ideas others brought to the table wouldn't be here if John hadn't sought them out. Just the beginning.


Kraig Adams

Yeah, thanks for the advice john and Mr. Melott. Of course Bristol is greater than both, we need to keep our hometown's rep up. lol. So this whole nextvoice247 seems cool, is this something that I could easily sign up for to blog or post videos by any chance?

Matt Ackerson

Great idea for a post, John.

A post about networking tips that required you to do a lot of networking, good work : )

It's just a testimony to your networking talent that fact that you were able to put this together so quickly.

Gilbert Melott

Matt - You are right on. John just put into action many of the tips himself and helped many of the NV247 users see how easy it can be.


Theo Paat

Thank you for taking the time to generate an amazing list of wise words from like-minded thinkers.

For the novice "networker" this list is of great value to them. Not only does it touch upon the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone and seizing each opportunity, but it also places extreme value on the benefits of networking as a whole.

If you want to be ahead of the game, refresh and remind yourself w/ these simple deas and you're good to go!

Two-thumbs up for John and his 101-Tips for Successful Networking.

Woot. Woot.

Gilbert Melott

Theo - John did a great job of offering perspectives from all experience levels and points of view... and all of them add value. Props to John, u r right. woot woot.


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